Cancel Cable TV

There have been a number of articles lately about people cutting costs by cancelling/cutting cable TV service. That’s certainly true, but it is more structural than that. Many people are coming to the correct conclusion that in the age of Hulu, Boxee, Bittorrent, etc., that cable TV is an over-priced relic of another entertainment age. While some broadband providers have stakes in such services, the transition is neither going to be costless nor smooth — doubly so in the current economy.

Here is a quick graph of Google search trends for "cancel cable" over the last few years. It is, as we say in the business, up and to the right.



  1. If you spend anytime at all searching for how to watch your favorite TV shows online, the best TV streaming sites, or how to cancel cable, you will quickly find that the Internet is flooded with pseudo (fraudulent) sites offering streaming videos and pay to play programs that allow you to download and save videos. And with all the Internet TV scams out there ( Satellite TV Scam being the most popular ), and all the different products to choose from, knowing what not to do is critical. To help you with this problem we have put together, a list of scam sites that pretend to offer satellite video content to your PC. Most are selling customized video players that simply pull content from third party video streaming sites that are free anyway. Also make sure to pay attention to the fine print. You will notice statements like: “we do not host or offer video content of our own”, which means they are pushing user contributed content via free players.