Readings (II) 02/03/09

  • The Smart Growth Manifesto (Umair Haque)
  • Sprott says U.S. depression will double gold price (Bloomberg)
  • Is the U.S. a Japan 2? The Return of Japan’s “Free Fallin” Stag-Deflation and the Risks of a U.S. (RGE)
  • New Deal deniers and the pony chokers (The Edge of the American West)
  • The over-selling of bare-knuckle capitalism (The Boston Globe)
  • Beyond the age of leverage: new banks must arise (FT/Ferguson)
  • Spain’s downward spiral spooks bond investors (Telegraph)
  • Best question on CNBC (SAI)
  • Why Davos Man is (wrongly) waiting for Obama to save him (FT/Wolf)