Readings 02/23/09

  • Hedge fund lies, darned lies and statistics… (Harold Bradley)
  • Securitisation and Financial Stability (Source)
  • Petrobras, China Sign Long-Term Oil Deal (emii)
  • How to set up a new ‘good bank’ (FT)
  • Let housing find its clearing price (Reuters)
  • Portfolio rebalancing by individual investors (Quarterly Journal of Economics)
  • Do political parties matter? Evidence from U.S. cities (Quarterly Jorunal of Economics)
  • The US government frozen in the headlights (Pettis)
  • US Remains World’s Leading Manufacturer (Big Picture)
  • United Arab Meltdown & Bailout (Credit Slips)
  • Top Ten Banks…. Then and Now (EconomPic)
  • Latest forensics on China’s Treasury-purchasing (Setser)
  • The not-so-fundamental theorem of finance (Derman)
  • How Much Junk Orbits Around the Earth? (screamyguy)

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