Readings 02/17/09

  • State Budget Troubles Worsen (CBPP)
  • California to notify 20,000 state workers today that their jobs may be eliminated (Reuters)
  • Good analysis of the CBO analysis of the final stimulus bill, including the point that as a percentage of GDP it is relatively modest (Econbrowser)
  • China record loans diverted to stocks? (Bloomberg)
  • Useful new BoE review of world financial markets (BoE)
  • The World Still Lines Up for Treasurys (WSJ)
  • Profits’ Return to Normalcy Seems Far Off (WSJ)
  • Economy Strains Under Weight of Unsold Items (WashingtonPost)
  • Singapore Airlines sees passenger traffic decline the most in five years (Bloomberg)
  • FT policy change makes maverick economist Willem Buiter call of the column-writing thing (FT)
  • Some think this video proves Japanese finance minister was drunk at G-7 ministerial meetings (YouTube)
  • China’s FDI tails off for 4th month (Shanghai Daily)
  • Bolivia pays a high price for former nationalization (FT)
  • Poland faces major dilemma as its currency tumbles (WSJ)
  • No let-up in supply of bulkers for demolition (Lloydslist)
  • Economic Indexes Show Signs of a Slowing Decline (NYTimes)
  • World Yen flood coming (
  • Major FX Dislocation in Progress Tonight? (Bogleheads)
  • Coffee shortage squeezing hedge funds and Starbucks alike (Bloomberg)
  • Foreclosure photo is world press photo of 2008 (Zillow)

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