Readings 02/13/09

  • The bubble in TBT (AI)
  • Graphics chip market goes all air pocket-ish in Q4 ‘08 (Peddie)
  • More skepticism about future of BofA and Citi (CNBC)
  • Morgan Stanley suspends top real estate official (FT)
  • When do sovereigns overweight selves in debt (Moody’s)
  • “With these credit default swaps, I never know whose legs I’m supposed to break.” (Cartoonbank)
  • Congress kills plan to recover Wall Street bonuses (Kansas City Star)
  • Attorney General Cuomo’s letter to Congressman Barney Frank regarding Merrill Lynch’s 2008 bonuses (Source)
  • The World’s Greatest Economic Minds (InfProc)
  • ISDA Announces Agreement to Make J.P. Morgan’s CDS Analytical Engine Available as Open Source; Increases Transparency in CDS Pricing (ISDA)
  • Discriminatory Auctions in which the Seller has Discretion (Alea)

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