Readings 02/06/09

  • Output, prices and profits — the vortex (Morgan Stanley)
  • Visual Representation of Madoff Accounts (Zero Hedge)
  • S&P 500 Dividends Projected to Decline 13.3% in 2009; Worst Annual Decline Since World War II (S&P)
  • Marc Faber pushes big tech as buy (Bloomberg)
  • ‘Biggest shock to world wealth since WW2? (FT)
  • Does the US have an inventory problem? (FT)
  • Saving the economy from our brains (Reuters)
  • Bad Banks, Insurance Wraps and Other Fanciful Notions (Whalen)
  • EIA – World Oil Price Timeline (EIA)
  • OECD composite leading indicators are horrible everywhere (OECD)

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