Readings 02/02/09

  • U.S. savings rate in December zips up to 3.6% from 2.8% (BEA)
  • YES WE CAN!! have a global depression if we really continue to work at it… (FT/Buiter)
  • Soros: The game changer (FT)
  • Shocked by Soros’s poor grasp of risks (FT)
  • Venture Capital in the Recession (Hall)
  • For Rescue Plan, Risks Are Vast in Revaluing Tainted Assets (NYT)
  • Throwing in the Chinese kitchen sink (Pettis)
  • Riot? If I were 20 years younger I would take to the streets (Observer)
  • Drought warning as the tropics expand (New Scientist)
  • trade MONSTER Introduces paperTRADE with Free Streaming Quotes and Charts (BWire)
  • Bank insolvency: tips & tricks (Interfluidity)
  • Wells Fargo’s Balance Sheet: Scaring the Horses (Mish)

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