Readings 02/03/09

  • Default swap spreads increase markedly on Japanese electronics names, led by Toshiba (DW)
  • Fitch downgrades California 2008/09 RANs  (Fitch)
  • Foreclosing the Crisis (TNR/Glaeser)
  • Pershing Square’s Annual Investor Presentation (Dealbreaker)
  • Debt detox, purging and parasite cleansing. (Debtonation)
  • Veneroso: Japan on the Edge of the Abyss (Naked Capitalism)
  • Market, Malthus & the Moneymen (Satyajit Das)
  • Reasons for optimism during this protectionist redux … (Popular Delusions)
  • Manager Makes Big Bet SPY Will Fall By 17% (IU)
  • The myth of moral hazard  (The New Yorker)
  • Tyler Cowen argues the economy needs a placebo (and I think he is being serious)  (Economist)
  • Self-fulfilling policy pessimism? (Economist)
  • Beyond the age of leverage: new banks must arise (FT/Ferguson)
  • How to fix the liquidity leak (FT)
  • Scenes from Indonesia (

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