Moment of Good Financial News Zen: Shark Attacks Down

Here is your moment of good financial news zen, or maybe we should call it optimism porn:

Shark Attacks Dip To Five Year Low In 2008

Sagging Economy May Have Played A Role
Fewer People Heading To Beaches For Vacation

It looks like Jaws took a bit of a vacation in 2008.

University of Florida shark researcher George Burgess says the number of reported shark attacks worldwide dipped to a five year low last year. In 2008, 59 attacks by sharks were reported compared to 71 a year earlier. But while reported attacks were down, fatalities were up. Four people were killed in shark attacks in 2008 compared to only one person in 2007. Two of the deaths were in Mexico, one was in Australia and one was in the United States.

In compiling his yearly report, Burgess said the sagging economy may have played a role in the numbers.

"I can’t help but think that contributing to that reduction may have been the reticence of some people to take holidays and go to the beach for economic reasons," Burgess said. "We noticed similar declines during the recession that followed the events of 2001, despite the fact that human populations continued to rise."