Jobs Avail.: Nice Views, High Savings, -50 C.

This strange story is blackly comedic in these otherwise unhappy economic times:

The [British Antarctic Survey] said it had never known a response like the one that followed its appeal for 38 new staff.

…Linda Capper, from the Cambridge-based organisation, told the Daily Mail: "The phones have been jammed all morning.

"We were hopeful there would be a big uptake, especially as the construction industry is suffering in the UK at the moment.

"The thing that is most striking is the stunning scenery. You feel very small. You find yourself in this gigantic landscape where the horizon is a long way off and you can see icebergs the size of cathedrals."

…Temperatures at its research bases on the frigid southern continent can hit -50C and in winter, darkness lasts for 24 hours a day.

Audrey Stevens, a spokesman, said: "There’s nothing to spend your money on when you’re out there. You’ll have a fat bank account when you come back."