Barry Schwartz: We Stopped Being Wise

The week before last at the TED conference in Long Beach, California, Barry Schwartz gave a useful talk on the need for a return to "practical wisdom".


  1. Matt Dubuque says:

    Probably one of the wisest men I knew was Gregory Bateson. He often spoke of how learning was one thing and learning HOW to learn was another.

    And when we "learn how to learn how to learn" (what he called Level 3 learning) than we approach wisdom.

    Learning how to "learn how to learn" is not common and can be difficult to describe. As Charlton in his recent book "Understanding Bateson" points out, this can occur when one learns to correct what may be inappropriate habits that arise in learning how to learn.

    Indeed, we need an epistemology of the sacred, of which I am no expert. And this is territory where angels fear to tread….

  2. Matt Dubuque says:

    Well the term auction bond market which was nuked was 80 billion. That's not trivial.

    If Patrick Fitzgerald wanted to be President, this is the route he would take.

    He may be the the greatest, most formidable prosecutor of the 20th century. And he's right in Chicago, home of the derivatives machines……