Things I Don’t Care About or Believe In

I find myself becoming increasingly irritated at so much of what is going on out there. Here is a quick list of the things I just don’t care about:

  • Where Bernie Madoff is in NYC on his way to/from hearings. Who cares? Really?
  • Apple statements on Steve Jobs’ current employment status. Apple is marginally less trustworthy than the Kremlin.
  • Conversation about further capital injections in banks. Nationalize them, let them fail, or shut up. And pretending that PE firms can do the deed in the largest banks is tantamount to putting a dunce cap on your head.
  • Credit default swaps on the largest sovereigns. Sure, they’re tradable, but in default who is on other side?
  • Decoupled anything. I have been arguing this point for a year, and I still run into idiots who think, say, China is going to bounce right back because it doesn’t need trade. It not only won’t bounce right back, it will likely go into outright recession.
  • Depression/recession chatter. We’re doing that denial thing about a depression the same way we did about about a recession. A credit collapse, trade spiral, disappeared confidence, failing banks, fast-rising unemployment, and loss of confidence worldwide: We are in a depression of some to-be-determined eventual severity. Stop talking and move on.

I find it helpful to keep track of things I don’t care about. That way I can stop paying attention when they come. It’s liberating, like emptying out the garage.

Feel free to add others.