Readings II 01/30/09

  • The rebalancing of U.S. spending and savings continues (CR)
  • Could JPMorgan be forced to make good on more Madoff liabilities than expected (NYT)
  • The Taleb0ian “Make Bankers Accountable” Facebook group is promoting pulling bonuses back from bankers (Facebook)
  • Top three quotes of the week (Popular Delusions)
  • CDS update: Fundamentally pessimistic (FT)
  • Untangling bankruptcy scores (CreditCards)
  • Michael Kinsley can’t do income math (Prospect)
  • Where next for oil and gold ? – the speculative bubble map updated (jka)
  • A trillion of Treasuries here, a trillion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money (Setser)
  • Satellites Helped Rescue 283 People in 2008 (NOAA)
  • Toilet paper hangs at Madoff mansion (Palm Beach Post)
  • What Book Are YOU Currently Reading? (Bogleheads)
  • Australia & New Zealand (Source)
  • Nadal v Verdasco as it happened (BBC)
  • Great data on how Olympic finals were won and lost (BBC)
  • Blagojevich Makes a Day of It on Way Out (NYTimes)

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