Readings (II) 01/21/09

  • PIMCO quits GM creditor group (Bloomberg)
  • Nationalisation Magnus Opus (FT)
  • Should the US worry about the drop in foreign demand for US long-term assets? (Setser)
  • Was the euro a mistake? (Eichengreen)
  • Unsettling increase in Google searches for “suicide methods” (Google)
  • Can the UK government avoid a sovereign debt crisis? (FT/Buiter)
  • Brazil’s economy has come to a suddent stop (Morgan Stanley)
  • We need a George Soros vs Jim Rogers cage match (Derman)
  • Portugal sees sovereign credit rating cut (MarketWatch)
  • More Britons than Americans died on Titanic because the former queued up (Independent)
  • 2008 U.S. temperatures graph is instant debate-starter (NOAA)

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