Readings 01/30/09

  • Spain’s Recession Deepens (afoe)
  • Historical Chart Of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) (TradersNarrative)
  • Roubini with a proposal to prevent wholesale financial failure (FT)
  • Why this hysteria about sterling is misplaced (FT)
  • Japan heads for worst post-war slump (Bloomberg)
  • Global crisis ‘has destroyed 40pc of world wealth’ (Telegraph)
  • Video of World Economic Forum economic overview session (WEF)
  • Why the bank bailouts are doomed (MSN Money)
  • It’s not obvious what the exit strategy from all this neo-nationalization will be (Bloomberg)
  • Morgan Stanley May Cut 5% of Staff (WSJ)
  • Where the Financial Gurus Are Putting Their Own Money (WSJ)
  • The Vancouver real estate crash (Ian Bell)

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