Readings 01/29/09

  • Dimon: JPMorgan will be fine if people would just stop talking about nationalizing banks  (Bloomberg)
  • Who Says Nobody is Issuing Debt (Zero Hedge)
  • Panic mentality eases for treasurers (Bloomberg)
  • Whither Hyperinflation (Zero Hedge)
  • George Soros talk his own trading mistakes during 2008 (FT)
  • Oneupmanship at Davos: Are we all trying too hard to be outside consensus? (FT/Roach)
  • What If Everybody Indexed? (Bogleheads)
  • Treasury Announces New Policy  To Increase Transparency (Treasury)
  • Bailouts, Ponzi Schemes and Green Issues (Wilmott)
  • Putin’s shrinking reserves (FT)
  • Corporates and more corporate issues (Accrued Interest)
  • Draft law would ban most trading in credit swaps (Bloomberg)
  • Treasuries face biggest monthly loss since 2004 (Bloomberg)
  • Selection Bias at Conferences (Falkenblog)
  • The IMF doesn’t have enough money for what’s coming (NYT)
  • Consumers Cut Back: Retail Sales Change As Value Trumps All (Nielsen Wire)
  • Top 10 Brands Advertised on Radio – Week of 01-19-09 (MC)
  • Why Meredith Whitney thinks a “bad bank” is a bad idea (FT)
  • So Far, Wireless Data Looks Recession-proof (GigaOm)
  • World’s glaciers shrink for 18th year (Bloomberg)

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