Readings 01/13/09

  • Municipal bond bail-out (FT/Lex)
  • Senators Raise Questions About Geithner’s Nomination at Treasury (WSJ)
  • China slowdown ‘big global risk’ (BBC)
  • Cornell to cut spending after endowment falls 27% (Bloomberg)
  • Standard & Poor’s Puts Spanish Sovereign Debt On Ratings Watch Negative (afoe)
  • Is there an idea crunch (Cassandra)
  • Is the US trade deficit sustainable? Is China’s trade surplus? (Pettis)
  • Increase in Ecommerce Sales Insufficient to offset Decline in Retail Consumer Technology Holiday Sales (NPD)
  • Dining with Dubya (VanityFair)
  • Canada set for first trade, budget deficits in a decade (Gazette)
  • Vancouver may lose credit rating over Olympic village situation (Vancouver Province)

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