Readings 01/08/09

  • Fed economists knock selves out trying to figure out why people don’t want to own stocks (FRB)
  • Mohammed El-Erian: Investors should hide under government wing (FT)
  • China Is Losing Its Taste for U.S. Debt (NYT)
  • China hasn’t (yet) lost its appetite for US Treasuries … (Setser)
  • German bond auction fails to attract enough demand (Bloomberg)
  • Monsanto’s Profit Shoots Higher (WSJ)
  • How is money created? (Bogleheads)
  • CBO releases latest U.S. Budget and Economic Outlook (CBO)
  • Largest one-month drop in c/card payments on record (Fitch Corporate)
  • Will The Real Christina Romer Please Stand Up? (
  • Funniest economic papers – really (Econlog)
  • Republican fear of debt is myopic, years late (Bloomberg)

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