Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over at TheStreet.

  • China downgrades U.S. for first time ever, calling it increased export credit risk (China Daily)
  • Mort Zuckerman on how he got suckered by Bernie Madoff (BW)
  • Tom Wolfe Channels Thorstein Veblen in Discourse on Hip-Hop  (New York Observer)
  • Significant new U.S. petroleum production increases coming by 2010 (EIA)
  • An Historical Perspective on the Crisis of 2007-2008 (NBER)
  • Intelligent soldiers most likely to die in battle (New Scientist)
  • Risks to 2009 forecasts (Morgan Stanley)
  • International Olympic Committee could lose US$5m due to Madoff scandal (Shanghai Daily)