Readings: Quants, Upticks, Petrodollars and Trails

I’m still traveling, so here are some quick links to items of interest:

  • Reinstated uptick rule would likely fail to curb volatility (Bloomberg)
  • 10 worst predictions of 2008 (FP)
  • Greenberg: Wall Street is finis (Bloomberg)
  • Is this the seriously smart money? (Bronte)
  • Beijing bails out exporters, but not golf caddies (FP)
  • Joseph E. Stiglitz on capitalist fools (VF)
  • Good bye, petrodollars (Setser)
  • New Measures to Provide More Transparency for Municipal Bond Investors (SEC)
  • California Ski Resorts Sweating Warm Weather (StormWire)
  • A return to quant business as usual is ahead (Wilmott)