Readings: Easing, Bookstaber, Jobs, Shopping, etc.

A few quick items worth reading this morning:

  • Rick Bookstaber’s "non-testimony" on the regulation of swaps and derivatives (Bookstaber)
  • List of recently cancelled economists job postings led by home equity risk modeler at BofA (JoE)
  • The Fed’s quantitative easing operations and the dollar (Morgan Stanley)
  • How Japan finally got financial reform right (Morgan Stanley)
  • China’s November manufacturing contracts by record (Bloomberg)
  • Mortgage Debt Becomes Unemployment Insurance (NBER)
  • Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping Tops Expectations; Bargains Too Big To Ignore? (Barron’s)
  • A quarter-million tourists are now stranded in Thailand (Bangkok Post)
  • Credit crunch causes Asian M&A slump (Asia News)
  • Bose condensation, single currencies, and the credit crisis (arXiv)
  • Tudor Jones suspends withdrawals from flaghship fund, despite being down only 5% on year (FT)