Readings: $1 Gas, Panic, Packaged Meat, etc.

Some links to items of interest:

  • Should the 401k Be Killed? (TIME)
  • How much land does a person need? (Ask Metafilter)
  • Gulf Oil CEO says gas could hit $1 next year (The Patriot Ledger)
  • Fidelity flips switch turning itself to news site (Fidelity)
  • Beyond Muscles: Unexplored Parts of Men’s Body Image (Journal of Health Psychology)
  • Profiles in Panic: How Wall Street-ers are dealing with the crisis (Vanity Fair)
  • Packaged Meat Replaces Fresh Cuts (Nielsen Wire)
  • NPD Now Offers Store Level Point-of-Sale Information from Nine Major Auto Parts Retailers (NPD)
  • A perfect storm for Chinese deflation (Morgan Stanley)
  • China is starting to sound like a normal creditor country (Setser)
  • Financial Industry Layoffs Top 150,000 Since September (Wall Street & Technology)
  • Paul Krugman is worrying himself sick about next year (NYT)
  • The auto downturn is even more serious than you think (Econbrowser)
  • Snow removal is a better business than you think it is (JSOnline)