Questions for Auto Execs

An email correspondent sent me the following questions he wishes asked of the assembled auto execs in Washington today:

  • Addressed to Mr. Nardelli – Is Chrysler still offering to sell gas at $3 per gallon?  Please explain the success/failure of that initiative to date.  Do you have plans to offer any other such initiatives based on gasoline prices?
  • Addressed to Mr. Wagoner – If gasoline costs $2 per gallon, is the Volt a viable car? As part of the product line-up and on a stand alone basis?
  • Addressed to Mr. Mullaly – Will anyone ever buy a non F-Series model from you?
  • Addressed to all – will you or  have you abdicated your fiduciary responsibility to your current bondholders and equity investors when you talk about what is best for the public good?  And in accepting federal monies and requisite oversight board?

Good questions, all.