Afternoon Reading: S&P 600, Chieuropa, Oil, etc.

Some links to items of interest. Feel free to add other reading in the comments:

  • Hindsight Capital rocked the investing housing in 2008 (FT)
  • Gary Shilling looking for S&P 600 (Tech Ticker)
  • The coupling of China and Europe has created Chieuropa (Setser)
  • Sharp, LG to pay big fines for LCD price fixing (Engadget)
  • Geo-engineering of climate getting people’s attention (Wunder Blog)
  • Brazil argues oil needs to rise to $75 to support investment (Bloomberg)
  • Belgium slips into political crisis (FT)
  • Can we avoid dark energy? Earth not as central to nothingness as some think (AIP)
  • Why there is more pain to come (T2 Partners)