Afternoon Reading: Credit, Chrysler, CalPERS, etc.

Some links to items of interest:

  • Fed loans guided by same people who brought you subprime debacle: credit ratings agencies (Bloomberg)
  • World Interest Rates Table (FXstreet)
  • The Great Unraveling (NYT/Friedman)
  • Is Chrysler Shutting Down for a Month, or Forever? (USNews)
  • White House mulling ‘orderly’ bankruptcy for carmakers (FT)
  • CalPERS’ magical performance numbers (Varones)
  • Ponzi, the USA edition (FT)
  • Why Wal-Mart Deserves the Nobel Prize (Gives Consumers $400-Million Holiday Gift)(Britannica)
  • The Economic Underworld of Bankruptcy for Profit (SSRN)
  • Agricultural markets and food price inflation (Chicago Fed)
  • If the treasury market is a bubble, what will cause it to implode? (Accrued Interest)
  • Alan Greenspan on … the mess that Alan Greenspan made (Economist)