Surviving the “Contained Depression”

Interesting David Levy piece in the current issue of Institutional Investor. Here is the money ‘graf(s):

Without the government’s containment the economy would indeed ace another Great Depression, but fortunately, nothing so dire will occur. The government will prevent a collapse of the financial system and partially buffer the damage to the economy, containing the depression. The government will succeed not because it is wise about economic affairs or because it won’t make mistakes. Rather, it will have no choice but to keep patching holes in the financial sector, and its sheer size and presence guarantee a sizable fiscal stabilization. The government has virtually unlimited power to intervene to protect the basic functioning of the financial system, and in an emergency can spend whatever is necessary. Although government solutions will not fix the fundamental problems that will cause the depression, they will limit the financial fallout. By the end of the contained depression, the government will likely have committed trillions between rescue operations and running huge deficits. And although some may complain about the price tag, it will be a bargain for enabling us to avoid another Great Depression.

Levy thinks we will be out the other side in late 2009 or early 2010, albeit out in a tepid way.