Reading: Refis, Volcker, Economists, etc.

Some evening/morning reading worth scanning:

  • Why almost no-one got the current crisis right. And why a few did. (FT)
  • Dividend cuts fastest since 1950s in U.S. (Bloomberg)
  • Fed risks spitting in wind with new bailout package (Bloomberg)
  • There is no financial services sector. What do we do now? (FT)
  • Democrats are trying to relabel economic "stimulus" as economic "recovery" (NYT)
  • Volcker tapped for Obama economic advisory role (WSJ)
  • Writer Michael Lewis was on Colbert Report tonight around 15:00 mark. Only mildly amusing (Colbert Report)
  • Amazon is sold out of Kindles (PaidContent)
  • Fed aid sets off a rush to refinance (WSJ)
  • Why fairly valued stock markets are an opportunity (FT)

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