Links: Surowiecki, China, Canada, Dollar, Bernanke, etc.

Some quick links to items of interest:

  • Bernanke’s push for lower rates is driving yields up (Bloomberg)
  • The problem isn’t markets know too little, but that they know too much (Surowiecki/New Yorker)
  • Behind AIG’s Fall, Risk Models Failed to Pass Real-World Test (WSJ)
  • News (Source)
  • Canadian endowment losses causing cost cuts and freezes (Globe & Mail)
  • Why we will see bigger dollar “smile” than most expect (Morgan Stanley)
  • Greenspan slept as off-books debts escapted scrutiny (Bloomberg)
  • Copper remains the commodity with a Ph.D. in economics (Bloomberg)
  • The Case Against Leveraged ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
  • Most cited journals and most important institutions in energy research  (ScienceWatch)
  • Some owners deserting factories in China (Los Angeles Times)
  • A not-so-brave new world, Part I (Doug Kass)
  • The “old VIX” shows investors more fearful now than through 1987 crash (Bloomberg)
  • The lost years and last days of writer David Foster Wallace (Rolling Stone)