Links: Ruble, Daewoo Farms, China Banks, etc.

Some links to items of interest:

  • South Africa newly going from boom to … not so much (Bloomberg)
  • Russian diary: Another revolution in the wings? (LRB)
  • The case for Chapter 11 at GM, not a bailout (NYT)
  • Amerindo’s Vilar convicted of stealing from clients (Bloomberg)
  • Options trading is slowing as hedge funds disappear, and prices soar (Bloomberg)
  • China may not be buying U.S. banks, but it’s opening U.S. branches (II)
  • Daewoo leases massive African plantation to grow food, reduce U.S. dependency (BBC)
  • Vancouver real estate joining its west coast ilk, off 22% (Bloomberg)
  • Data records, date records – we’ve got data records (Ritholtz)

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