Links: First-World Debt Restructuring, Depression Economics, etc.

Some quick links to items of interest:

  • The fiscal woes of cities and states (The Economist)
  • Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Jordan and countries with banks that are too big to bail out (Bronte)
  • China Can Help (
  • Thirty Year Bond Auction: Not a Good Result for Hank Paulson (ATC)
  • China’s fiscal stimulus doesn’t necessarily mean that it will stop buying Treasuries (Setser)
  • VCs are having 2001 flashbacks (Bloomberg)
  • Asian economies could use their own Gordon Brown (Bloomberg)
  • A federal welfare package for the U.S. auto industry is inevitable (Bloomberg)
  • Canadian finance minister resorting to asset sales to avoid sudden deficit (Bloomberg)
  • How likely is a sterling crisis, or is London really Reykjavik-on-Thames? (FT)
  • The Obama policy mix: More pragmatic than many on both sides think (Morgan Stanley)
  • Depression economics returns (NYT/Krugman)
  • The inevitability of first-world sovereign debt restructuring (Marketplace)
  • Good blog: Debtonation (Source)
  • Bloomberg (the company) after Bloomberg (the mayor) (VanityFair)