Links: Derivatives, Energy, AIG, Sports Sponsors, and Pirates

Some links to a few items of interest:

  • A strategy for the Fed to start inflating the economy (Econbrowser)
  • Citi/AIG won’t drop sports sponsorships (ABC)
  • GM lays off golfer Tiger Woods (Bloomberg)
  • Derivative doldrums as speculators quit freight market (Lloydslist)
  • Energy: The Past Must Not Be Prologue (MIT World)
  • The causes of the crisis, and how to design a bailout that works (Bronte)
  • Who Controls A.I.G.? (New York Times)
  • Citigroup’s funny numbers, or why it has no capital (Bloomberg)
  • Fed has now pledged $7.4-trillion to support credit markets (Bloomberg)
  • VCs pumping millions into Somali pirates (The Daily Mash)