Links: Buffett, Paulson, Beer, Penalty Kicks, etc.

Some links to items of interest:

  • Action bias among elite soccer goalkeepers: The case of penalty kicks (RePec)
  • Will Beer Be the Next Casualty of the Crisis? (USNWR)
  • Hedge Fund Managers Are the Heroes of this Crisis (The Daily Beast)
  • Face to Face with John Paulson (P&I)
  • The Twin Curves of oil and treasuries (Gregor)
  • Rising default swaps on Berkshire (Bloomberg)
  • Creeping protectionism in Russia and India (BV)
  • Dylan Ratigan on preventing “too big to fail” (Icahn Report)
  • You might want to stop paying your mortgage (Carney)
  • How a lawsuit can go IPO. Really. (P&I)
  • Religion and bankruptcy during the Depression (Business History)
  • Pershing Square to hold a Target webcast on Wednesday morning (Webcaster)
  • Taiwan subway ridership during the SARS outbreak (arXiv)
  • Current slump will be worse than Depression (Reuters)