Volcker: Rebuild Banks. Mundell: Cut Taxes. Stiglitz: Ick.

There was an interesting panel today in New York featuring Paul Volcker, Joe Stiglitz, and Robert Mundell. It’s lengthy, but worth watching. Kudos to Barry for the find.

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Teresa Tritch, a member of the board of editors of the New York Times, moderates. Heidi Hartman, president of the Institute for Women’s policy research, and Marina Whitman, a professor at the University of Michigan, also speak.

00:00:00 Tritch introduces roundtable participants.
00:01:28 Mundell: current crisis vs. Great Depression
00:05:33 Mundell: need to reduce corporate taxes
00:08:05 Volcker: financial crisis "without precedent"
00:14:48 Volcker: rebuild U.S. banks from "ground up"
00:19:56 Stiglitz: "long, deep downturn" in economy
00:21:34 Stiglitz: government response, bank rescue
00:33:30 Questions: Volcker, Mundell on world currency
00:44:29 Participants on fiscal stimulus, U.S. deficit
00:57:55 Stiglitz on government regulation, innovation
01:00:46 Volcker, Mundell, Stiglitz on global currency
01:07:18 Participants make summary remarks.
Running time 01:19:59


  1. Josh Stern says:

    I don't think Stiglitz is being too hard on Paulson. Policy makers should listen to his critique, then read stuff like this – http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchiv…– and realize he needs to be replaced ASAP. It can't wait for January. His conceptions are inadequate to the situation.

  2. Matt Dubuque says:

    I can't wait to see this video, but I'm not sure it is still on Bloomberg's server. Am I missing something? It doesn't seem to play properly.