Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over at TheStreet.

  • Despite it being a far from sure bet historically, investors continue to move to physical gold (WashingtonPost)
  • Donald MacKenzie revisits his great "Why Libor?" article (LRB)
  • De-leveraging has no fairy tale ending (Satyajit Das)
  • Europe on the brink of currency crisis meltdown (Telegraph)
  • GLG chief Emmanuel Roman warns thousands of hedge funds teetering (Telegraph)
  • Leading economists are smart, but not as smart as they think when it comes to preventing Depression 2.0 (NYTimes/Mankiw)
  • How RealyTrac is booming amidst the real estate bust (TIME)
  • Volvo truck sales plunge 99.7% (This is Money)
  • Latest U.S. monetary trends are eye-popping (MinFed)