Links: Iceland, Leeson, China, Swaps, Yield Curve, etc.

Some quick links to items of interest:

  • New special report from The Economist on current crisis (Economist)
  • U.S. home equity extraction has hit lowest levels in more than a decade (Bloomberg)
  • Nick Leeson: The government got you into this mess, so don’t trust them to get you out (Daily Mail)
  • Glimmers of light showing in credit markets (Bloomberg)
  • China exports to U.S. "small beer" for economy (Bloomberg)
  • Iceland takes over biggest bank Kaupthing as entire banking system has now failed (Bloomberg)
  • The living yield curve (Smart Money)
  • What will the crisis mean for venture capital? (BusinessWeek)
  • How to recapitalize the banking system (Mankiw)
  • Former FDIC chairman Bill Isaac on getting fixes right (The Deal)
  • Jet fuel surcharges finally coming off prices (BusinessWire)
  • If easy money causes a bubble, does easy money cure a bubble? (Bloomberg/Baum)