Links: EM Debt, Volatility, Iceland, Dubai, CLOS, etc.

Some quick links to items of interest:

  • Survivorship bias in capital markets: Why your market isn’t what you think it is (HSotM)
  • Europe most exposed to emerging market debt – more than twice as big as subprime (Morgan Stanley)
  • Volatility returns with a vengeance; VAR is the mind-killer (FT/Tett)
  • Iceland Raises Key Rate Six Points (WSJ)
  • The Online Finance 30 (II)
  • Dubai real estate boom is ending (WSJ)
  • Nifty free financial data streaming server (Liberator)
  • The biggest deals of PE’s golden era, and how they’re doing (The Deal)
  • Famous last words: “No-one has ever lost money in a triple-A CLO investment” (The Deal)
  • World has “six days to save Pakistan” (FT)
  • The U.S. political map before/after the Depression (PI)