Contest: Credit Crisis in 30 Slides (or Less)

Time for another contest. Along with Fred Wilson, Mark Cuban, and Hal Varian, I am judging a competition at Slideshare. The idea: Come up with the best description/fix/forecast for the credit crisis in 30 slides — or less.

Enter the Credit Crisis in 30 Slides Contest

With Wall Street in a financial frenzy, we’re all trying to make sense of what is happening and how it will impact us. We’ve noticed a lot of you uploading presentations on the topic and we want to drive the conversation with a contest.

We’re looking for a variety of perspectives on the credit crisis. Why are we in this mess? How do we get out of it? You can show us a financial model or explain how the crisis will impact a specific industry, e.g. green tech.

Or a story about what the credit crisis means for the average Joe. Or take a humorous or satirical angle on the topic

The contest begins October 14th. Last day to submit entries is October 24th. The judges are Mark Cuban, Hal Varian, Paul Kedrosky and Fred Wilson. Find out how to enter.