Wikipedia/Lehman Update. Merrill Disappears Briefly.

In case anyone’s curious, it’s been a hotbed of activity over at the Lehman page on Wikipedia. While we haven’t seen a repeat of last week’s attempted malfeasance, we have seen 36 edits to the page today (Monday), and we saw 48 page edits on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.

Since midnight Sunday, the edits have been coming it at almost 1 a minute: It’s darn hard to get things straight when the facts keeps changing out from under you.

Speaking of which, I see that some helpful sort briefly changed the verb tense on the Merrill Lynch Wikipedia page. The BofA bought broker went from "… is a global financial services firm…" to "…was a global financial services firm…" Ah, the ignominy of it all, to be wiped out so unceremoniously.