Bush: Markets Need to Speak With a Louder Voice

I’m not the only one noticing President Bush’s wrong-headed reluctance to say anything with respect to the current market meltdown. Check this Dow Jones story.

On Tuesday [when AIG news broke], Bush dismissed a reporter’s shouted question on AIG. In a photo opportunity with General David Petraeus Wednesday, Bush focused on the attack on the U.S. embassy in Yemen. Later, after meeting Panamanian President Martin Torrijos, he called on Congress to pass a trade agreement with Panama.

"The Panamanian economy is strong," Bush told reporters.

As the press was ushered out of the Oval Office following the Torrijos meeting, one reporter noted to the president that he hasn’t taken questions recently.

"I can’t hear what you said," Bush told the reporter. "You’ve got to speak with a louder voice."