Various: SocGen, Landscaping, and Gas Spending

A few quick things to empty out my brain:

  • A mind-blowing SocGen report is making the rounds that says an "economy and equity market meltdown imminent". While SocGen’s strat team are always apocalyptic, this one is particularly spooky — and nicely timed, given today’s kerplunk in capital markets
  • Talked to a high-end San Diego landscaper today who had 145 employees two years ago, and has 32 today. Things are that bad, even at the high end.
  • There seem to be a lot of people in agreement that Pimco’s Bill Gross has finally crossed over from talking his book to trying to play shadow Treasury
  • Latest SpendingPulse data shows U.S. gas spending getting closer to year-ago levels
  • TheStreet’s Banks & Thrifts screener is kinda nifty (TSCM)