Links: Shortseller Sellers, Leverage, Norway, Wall Street Art, etc.

Some quick links to things others may find interesting:

  • At least two short-sellers (GLG and Och-Ziff) are on the no-short-selling list. Isn’t that some sort of wormhole in the space-time-SEC continuum? (NYTimes)
  • If i-banks cut leverage ratios from 30 times (or recent levels) to 20 times, this would trigger $6,000bn worth of asset sales (FT/Tett)
  • CEO murdered by angry laid-off workers (Times)
  • Blog with interesting current short-selling data (Short Stories)
  • Naked shorts need to consider that failures to deliver are no higher than ten years ago as a percentage of trading volume (DTCC)
  • Paulson needs to pay more attention to the Norwegian bank collapse and remedies (Bronte)
  • A survey of government intervention in housing (Cafe Hayek)
  • Last week outside New York’s Federal Hall everyone was in full panic mode (Wall Street Fighter)
  • Judging by Google search trends, the average person doesn’t care enough about the bailout to dump their diet of celebs, cars, and TV crap (Google)
  • Amusing art piece showcasing junkyard dog replacing Wall Street bronze bull (Craigslist)
  • Limited Attention as a Scarce Resource in Information-Rich Economies (Ingenta)
  • Monitor web pages automatically with Google Docs (labnol)