Links: Roubini, CBO, GS Derivatives, and Saving Goldman’s Bonuses

Some quick links to things other may found interesting:

  • Michael Lewis says we need to save Goldman Sachs’ bonuses to save the world (Bloomberg)
  • Let’s ease off hiring Goldman Sachs people for so many senior governmental positions (FT)
  • Roubini conference call from yesterday: "Worst is yet to come" (RGE)
  • Over-zealous analysts are miscalculating the value of Buffett’s Goldman warrants (Andrew Clavell)
  • Orzag at CBO has made a giant blank into which to insert a large number for Paulson plan (Congressional Budget Office)
  • Barry Ritholtz offers a million-dollar ten-year bet to all comers that the Paulson plan loses "ginormous" amounts of money (Big Picture)
  • The Paulson plan will make "trillions" for taxpayers (Andy Kessler)
  • Black swan rhapsody, to be sung to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody (Monster Finance)

As an aside on my friend Barry’s bet, I think it’s a cute idea, but he has a monster out in there. Barry’s offering his bet on "the current plan", but it is almost certain to change in large and small ways over time, as does any realistic plan in our world of humans. Matter of fact, even if you liked the current Paulson plan, if you were told it was not going to change materially over the duration of the implementation you should always take a bet like this.