Links: Paulson’s Resignation, China Slowdown, Lending, etc.

A few quick links to items of interest today:

  • Blast from the past: Fannie Mae eases credit to aid mortgage lending (NY Times/1999)
  • The World Is Curved: Hidden Dangers to the Global Economy (Amazon)
  • Op-ed: Beijing slowdown is going faster and further than its leaders expected (Peterson/WSJ)
  • Time for central bankers to take Spanish lessons (FT)
  • Should Paulson resign? How his misreading of Congress helped get us here (IA)
  • The end-goal of any bailout or government takeover: Getting unsecured lenders to lend again (Bronte)
  • Stochastic cascades, credit contagions, and portfolio losses (JEB)
  • An inside look at current money market behavior: Worst in 20 years (Across the Curve)
  • Current U.S. real estate price declines by city: Phoenix and Las Vegas still lead the way (CR)
  • Canadian prime minister caught in plagiarism mini-scandal (Globe & Mail)

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