Links: Michael Lewis, Ike, CBO, Google, etc.

Some quick links to things others may find interesting:

  • Michael Lewis on Lehman: A good example of people finally learning not to buy what i-bankers are selling (Bloomberg)
  • Global equity trading falls 37% so far this year, and 78% (!!) down in China (FT/Citi)
  • Without policy changes, healthcare spending will be 37% of U.S. GDP by 2050 (CBO)
  • Live wind map around Galveston TX as Ike comes ashore (Wunderground)
  • Commercial real estate is looking a lot less valuable than it did a mere year ago (WSJ)
  • Harvard Endowment returned 8.6% in year ending June, but Mendillo wary about next few years (WSJ)
  • The SEC has launched a preliminary inquiry into how an old United Airlines item from a south Florida newspaper made it onto Google News front page and then into Bloomberg (Times)