Links: AIG, Moral Hazard, the Paulson Doctrine, etc.

Some quick links (not all of them AIG related) that others may find interesting:

  • Inside the Paulson Doctrine: Who wins, who loses, and why more disclosure is needed (Roger Ehrenberg)
  • Let’s start by finding some people to blame (Michael Lewis/Bloomberg)
  • Russian stock market fell almost 20% today, and then stopped trading (FT)
  • Moral hazard is wrong and misleading test in the AIG case (Bronte Capital)
  • Optimal bailout policy, conditionality, and constructive ambiguity (RePEc)
  • The AIG crisis by the numbers (WSJ)
  • Barney Frank wants to hold headings into … all this stuff (WSJ)
  • "Tireless" team of ex-Goldman sorts are Paulson’s Treasury team (WSJ)
  • Why bail out AIG bondholders? (Felix/Portfolio)
  • With hedge funds in full meltdown, Goldman’s VIP list of top hedge fund holdings is worth watching (Bloomberg)
  • List of largest AIG shareholders was headed on June 30 by Fidelity, AXA, Dodge & Cox, and Barclay’s (Yahoo)
  • Upcoming webcast of debate/discussion with Obama’s and McCain’s economic advisors should be newly interesting (Inc/Kauffman)
  • The landlord of Lehman’s London office said the bank’s rent payments were insured by … AIG (NYT)
  • More than 70% of AIG’s customers are outside the U.S. (WSJ)
  • The AIG discussion over at Calculated Risk is breathless, hyperbolic, Calvinistic, and generally unreadably wild (Calculated Risk)
  • Series of heart-stopping Hurricane Ike photos (Boston Globe)