Links^2: Bonds, Banks, Bush, Wall Street Warriors, etc.

Even more links that keep flooding into my inbox:

  • Administration, Congress Completely Fail Communications Test (Advertising Age)
  • Corporate bonds have worst month since 1980: "the only thing you know is that if you don’t buy anymore, you can’t get hurt anymore" (Bloomberg)
  • Libor rises most on record: Anyone not funded through 2008 is essentially toast (Bloomberg)
  • Bartiromo vs Burnett at CNBC (Vanity Fair)
  • Failed WaMu still leads the list of top yielding one-year CDs, but one-star Corus is close behind (Bankrate)
  • Interesting Cramer apology on Wacovia (YouTube)
  • Cringe-inducing instant period piece from 2006, the first episode of Wall Street Warriors (Hulu)
  • Good FRB Atlanta speech text on why a working credit market matters (FRB Atlanta)