Bush Speaks! Evildoers to Be "Persecuted"

20080918_p091808jb-0016-298h After radio silence throughout most of this financial crisis, President Bush (you remember him, right?) spoke today — and he did better than I expected. I thought he was direct, calm, and relatively on-message. I’ll post a full transcript when I can find one, and you can link to the video by clicking at right, here.

You can choose to disagree with the actions being taken, but at least the President is — as I’ve been demanding for two weeks — finally out in front of the parade and attempting to justify spending so much of taxpayers’ money.

By the way, I’m reasonably sure there was a Bush-ism in there: I think Bush said that market manipulators will be "persecuted". While that is almost certainly true, I’m guessing he meant "prosecuted".