[updated] linkfest: olympic pics, goog food, retirees, etc.

Some quick links other people may find interesting:

  • New investing survey shows people are as clueless about saving for retirement as they are about … almost everything (Schwab)
  • Inadequate shipping and storage conditions are costing millions of bushels of U.S. crops per year (Stormwire)
  • Stupendously good set of goosebump-inducing photos from the Beijing Olympics (Boston Globe)
  • Sign of the Google apocalypse: The company is allegedly cutting back on free food (Valleywag)
  • Citadel seeking to raise $1-billion for global macro fund (Bloomberg)

[Update] According to various sources — you know, the kind that do reporting and call people and all that icky stuff — my "allegedly" comment in the above mention of Google’s free food was appropriate. The truth seemingly is that Google, for reasons of its own, has merely closed one dinner place on the Mountain View campus. Decide for yourself what, if anything, it means, and why people are so worked up about the subject.