Contest Winners: Largest Price Gain Since 2006 in OECD

There was oodles of participation in the contest I held earlier today on naming the country with the largest gain in residential real estate prices since the U.S. began tumbling in January of 2006. Thanks tons for all the guesses — even if a few of them were a little unusual (especially Wisconsin: thanks Dick). 

Anyway, this was a tough one admittedly, with the 2006/2007 data being difficult to collect for many countries. Nevertheless, via a host of sources (the OECD, Economist, Knight Frank, IPD, etc.) I have the top three countries by price gain since 1/1/2006 as follows:

  1. Poland — 62%
  2. Slovakia — 35%
  3. Greece — 32%

So, our Poland-guessing winners are JB and Gustav. Congrats you two. Send me an email with your address and I’ll sort out getting you the books.