Best Non-Investing Investing Book

I love books about investing that aren’t about investing. Or, to put it more coherently, I like books that are highly applicable to business & finance without necessarily being explicitly about same.

Currently, for example, I’m finishing up Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do, and enjoying it oodles. Sure, it’s partly because I’m as a much of an amateur traffic sociologist as the next resident of freeway-blighted SoCal, but also because there is much in the dynamics of traffic — rampant self-interest operating in a forced juxtaposition of herd and individual behavior — that has useful parallels in capital markets.

Another non-investing investing book favorite of mine is Karl Popper’s The Poverty of Historicism. A thin but thoughtful read, in it the famous philosopher tears apart the whole idea of prediction. Wonderfully clear and logical writing, and directly applicable to current conversations about the predictability of market failures, the future of regulation, etc. Great stuff

Feel free to add other book suggestions for recent (or not-so-recent) non-investing investing books.